dream of a mermaid

kn199.00 (~ 26,38 €)

approx. 21,0 x 21,0 cm / 8,3 x 8,3 inches.

I found a newborn mermaid, still in it’s amniotic berth, in a drift of snow. A faultless miniature: long hair. fine arms. perfectly finned tail. All in shades of grey.

I took off my gloves and carefully removed the tissue. I cupped her in the palm of one hand closing the other hand over her to warm her. She was cool and still and wet. The sound of my footsteps only in the snow.

My breath a mist, a net repeatedly cast then drawn hand over fist, is drawing me forward to the edge of the ice,

to the sea.

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Every cyanotype is actually an original because it is handmade and imperfect in its own way. Chemicals used in this process are completely harmless both for handling and for keeping finished cyanotypes on your wall. They are made using thick, quality Fabriano Accademia paper. Every cyanotype is hand-signed. Color might vary slightly due to your monitor settings and due to analog process. All cyanotypes come unframed. You can read about the cyanotype process HERE.

For domestic orders shipping is 15kn. For international orders it is 60kn (~8€ or ~9,5$). Cyanotypes are sent as registered mail with tracking number.

All payments in the webshop are in Croatian kuna (kn/HRK) and approximate prices are in Euro. You can pay with credit/debit card or via bank transfer. The payment will be automatically converted from your currency to Croatian kuna. However, if you wish to pay in Euro/American dollar or via Paypal, feel free to contact me at orlabirdorla@gmail.com or via DM on Instagram.



Svaka cijanotipija zapravo je svojevrsni original jer je zbog analognog procesa izrade nesavršena i malo drugačija od svake druge cijanotipije iste ilustracije. Kemikalije koje se koriste u izradi potpuno su bezopasne za rukovanje i držanje gotove cijanotipije na zidu. Sve cijanotipije izrađene su na debelom kvalitetnom papiru Fabriano Accademia te su ručno potpisane. Boja se može malo razlikovati zbog postavki Vašeg monitora i zbog analognog procesa izrade koji ih sve čini jedinstvenima. Cijanotipije se prodaju bez okvira. O procesu izrade cijanotipija možete pročitati OVDJE.

Za narudžbe unutar Hrvatske dostava je 15kn. Za internacionalne narudžbe je 60kn (~8€/~9,5$). Cijanotipije se šalju kao preporučena pošiljka s brojem za praćenje.

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