I am an illustrator, cat mom and plant hoarder. My surrealist illustrations are mostly inspired by vivid dreams and visions. Almost everything I produce is hand-drawn or hand-painted, combined with collage. I am in search of symmetry and interconnections between seemingly unrelated imagery, alongside my fascination with nature. Combining motifs from different narratives and blending them together, I create my own mystical story.

Orla Bird is not my real name. I was called Orla for the first few months of my life before my parents decided to change it. In Croatian, it translates as female eagle. Later in life, for unknown reasons and totally unrelated to my childhood name, my friends started calling me Bird (or Ptica).

I studied architecture and worked as an architect for six years before embarking on this creative journey. Although changing one’s life path is scary, I just feel this kind of work aligns better with who I am.


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  • Art gallery Greta, Zagreb, 29.04.2019. (solo exhibition)
  • Bar Botaničar, Zagreb, 17.10.2022. (solo exhibition)
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